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At Black and White Pet Care, we take pride in our exceptional grooming staff. We take the time before each and every appoint to discuss your wants and needs for your pet's completely customizable grooming session. Our talented staff is dedicated to exceeding your expectations- offering premier service and a stress free experience for your beloved pet.

We offer a full range of bathing and trimming services for both dogs and cats. 


Bath Package:

Our signature service includes a brush out, bath, dry, ear cleaning, and nail trimming.

Small: $50.00 & Up

Medium: $55.00 & Up

Large: $60.00 & Up

X-Large: $65.00 & Up

Cats:$65.00 & Up


Full Groom Package :

 Our exclusive service includes a brush out, bath, dry, a custom tailored hair cut, ear cleaning, and nail trimming.

X-Small (<15lbs): $50.00 & Up

Small: $60.00 & Up

 Medium: $70.00 & Up

 Large: $80.00 & Up

 X-Large: $90.00 & Up

 Cats: $90.00 & Up


A La Carte Services

Nail Trimming-All Sized Dogs: $15.00

Cat Nail Trim: $15.00

   Teeth Brushing (w/ Grooming Appointment) All Sized Dogs: $5.00

Flea/Tick Preventative Bath All Sizes: $15.00

Medicated Bath (Nature's Specialty Colloidal Oatmeal or Derma-Treat): $10.00

Please Note:  Any pet with excessive matting, dirtiness, or aggressive behavior is subject to additional charges, as applicable. A consultation will be held before each appointment to assess each pet/owner's specific needs.

Example Prices: Labrador Retreiver $60+ ,Golden Retriever Full Groom $85+ ; Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland $125+

*For the new year, will be implementing a price increase reflected above. We appreciate our customers and their loyalty in these trying times*

*All pets must have proof of Rabies Vaccination prior to their first visit* 

What We Use

We are proud to be partners and distributors of Nature's Specialty & Chris Christensen grooming products!

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